Kaarna® Service Trays

Kaarna® Service tray


Kaarna® Service tray is suited for both domestic and professional use – it is perfect for the breakfast table, an evening get-together, and for buffets where people can collect certain portions. Being insulated against moisture and heat, this tray is well suited for serving both hot and cold dishes as well as snacks and fruit. It is particularly handy for hard and soft cheeses that require cutting!

In spite of its fine heat resistance properties, we recommend that you do not use this tray in microwave or as a pan holder.

What does Kaarna mean?

The Finnish word “kaarna” means the bark of a tree trunk that protects the tree against damages, diseases and even forest fires.

The name is particularly fitting for the service tray whose wood fibres come from the Finnish conifer forests. Did you know that the Kaarna® service tray contains more wood fibres than the trees in the forest!??

Ecological and practical

The most significant benefits of the Kaarna® products include:

  • dishwasher safe, withstands temperatures between -30°C ─ +100°C
  • hygienic, moisture resistant surface
  • stiff, sturdy structure, holds up well under the knife, does not split
  • even quality, yet each product has a unique pattern and feel of wood
  • fresh, tarry scent of pine, which fades with each wash
  • Finnish design, a Key Flag product, manufactured with green electricity
  • production material is Kareline® natural fibre composite which has been approved for food contact
  • can be disposed of by burning or ground up for reuse

Large Service Tray

diameter 25 cm
weight 395 g

Small Service Tray

length approx. 24 cm
width approx. 15 cm
weight 245 g


pine, conifer, redwood, snag