Kareline® Natural Fibre Composites

Kareline® materials are the best choice for the future. The materials are reinforced with natural fibres and have been designed for injection moulding with standard injection moulding machines and moulds. Strengths of Kareline® natural fibre composites include:

  • unique appearance and tactile feel
  • excellent technical properties that give new possibilities for design, for instance
  • eco-friendly and recyclable

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Kupilka® Outdoor Dishware

You carry on an age-old tradition with Kupilka in your hand. High-quality design combined with unique technology honours nature with eco-friendly dish sets, your best friend when moving in nature.

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Kaarna® Service Trays

For serving, cutting and portioning

Kaarna® Service Tray is the breakfast table’s favourite. Cut the bread and rolls on the big board, slice tomatoes and cucumbers, and use it to serve cheese and cutlets. Everyone can then use a small Kaarna® to make the sandwich of their choice by picking ingredients off the big tray. You can either give a quick rinse after use or wash them in the dishwasher.

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Oksava USB sticks

Positive, informative and ecological Oksava USB stick.

You can have your company name or logo laser marked on Oksava and save information about your company, for instance, on the memory stick.

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Reusable and ecological spools

The spools can be easily disassembled, reassembled and locked. Storing spools and transporting them in sections or dismantled in parts is ecological and affordable. The spool is a Finnish Key Flag product that is suitable for strings, wires, threads, ropes, chains and other materials that can be wound.

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