Plasthill Oy


Plasthill Ltd began its operation in the fall of 1996, deep in the forests of Pyytivaara, Eastern Finland. From the very beginning, one of the key values in the business has been openness with regard to the adoption of new procedures and materials. “In principle, nothing is impossible…” is the long-standing premise of the company’s customer-oriented approach. For Plasthill, the ideal product can be achieved by the right material choice combined with an aesthetically pleasing and functional product design and ecological production.

Pioneer in environmental values

One look at the facilities and surroundings of Plasthill can tell you a great deal about the company’s aim to work in unity with nature. As a manufacturer of injection moulded products, the company has a distinct opportunity to affect not only the choice to favour recycled materials, but also the introduction of new biomaterials that represent sustainable development. In this way, Plasthill can act as both a promoter and pioneer of environmental values. Both the injection moulded products and Kareline® materials are manufactured using EKOenergy.

Plasthill was the very first company in Finland to use Green Electricity in its production. In 1998, Plasthill became the first-ever company to be certified to use The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation’s Norppa label, since changed to the EKOenergy label.


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